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Arranging "Weddings with a difference"

Secrets to Success

Côte Weddings handle all of the wedding planning arrangements for their clients getting married on the Côte d’Azur, right from the very initial discussions on the telephone or by e-mail, through to the orchestration on the day itself ….. as well as all the planning in between. A bride-to-be always wants to keep in constant touch with her wedding planner for reassurance, and to make at least one or two visits to the region prior to the wedding itself.

Venues & Blessings

When it comes to the choice of a venue for your blessing and Reception on the Côte d’Azur you are really spoilt for choice. This very exotic and luxurious part of France offers a truly magical choice, beyond your wildest dreams. Côte Weddings has a very impressive portfolio from which to chose for your special celebration day: exclusive Hotels, splendid Châteaux, historic Abbeys, private Beaches, luxury Villas and elegant Yachts. Just take a look!

Setting the Scene

It is the flowers and the floral decorations that help to create the wow factor at any wedding, and it is the bride’s bouquet that is always centre stage …. as she is! It needs to be stunning, without overshadowing the bride, and to harmonise with all the other floral decoration colours that are used in the celebrations. Côte Weddings always advises on the best flowers that are in season, the colours that will harmonise with one another … and those that will stand up to the heat if it is a mid-Summer wedding.

Food, Drinks & Hospitality

For a Wedding Planner arranging the food, drinks and guest hospitality is one of the most exciting aspects of a wedding. There are the Drinks & Canapés when guests arrive, the Wedding Dinner itself, the champagne toast with the all important Wedding Cake, and the not-to-be-forgotten after-dinner drinks to keep the enthusiastic dancers going well in to the early hours!