Food, Drinks & Hospitality

"The first taste of celebrations!"

Our Expertise

"An exciting aspect"

For a Wedding Planner arranging the food, drinks and guest hospitality is one of the most exciting aspects of a wedding. There are the Drinks & Canapés when guests arrive, the Wedding Dinner itself, the champagne toast with the all important Wedding Cake, and the not-to-be-forgotten after-dinner drinks to keep the enthusiastic dancers going well in to the early hours!

Our Speciality

For Côte Weddings, this is where Anne Ager really has the opportunity to shine with her gastronomic talents as a trained Chef! Choosing the drinks is enormous fun, as is the planning of menus and selection of dishes, all of which are done with great enthusiasm in conjunction with the chef at the venue … and with a lot off mutual professional respect. Ideas are discussed for the Canapés, possible dishes for each course of the menu if it is to be a formal dinner …. and of course the Wedding Cake! Drinks and menu suggestions are sent to the bridal couple, and then a mutually convenient date is arranged for an actual tasting at the venue in the South of France …. for them this is really the very first taste of their celebrations! And they choose their final celebration menu.

Your Style

If your preference is for something more casual and relaxed, then it is always possible to have a relaxed buffet or a beach celebration. This is an ideal solution if you have children. It is also possible to opt to have a 2/3 day Celebration which could include a Beach Barbecue the night before the wedding, and then to have a Champagne Brunch the day after.

Children are always looked after and provided with their own food, entertainment and amusements … and for the nannies to look after them.

You have already arranged for your musical entertainment for your wedding evening … but you could always opt for a Firework Display!

The drinks are on us!

The drinks are an essential “ingredient” of any wedding as every bridegroom will agree!

Remember that guests invariably drink copiously at a wedding, especially when the celebrations are in a hot climate …. and it is essential not to run out! A venue will always hold ample stocks for a wedding, if a private caterer (traiteur) is being used at an independent venue they will usually charge for drinks on a sale and return basis, and Côte Weddings can obtain your chosen drinks at an advantageous price directly from wine merchants or local vineyards. (Also on a sale and return basis). Anne Ager always advises on over estimating quantities when making your choice, and she is on hand to help you.

Guests will generally drink champagne out of preference (with some chilled beer for the boys), and when the weather is really hot white wines take a preference over the reds.

The drinks stages at a wedding usually follow a similar pattern, but it is up to you to choose. It is traditional to have an “Open Bar” between the Ceremony and Dinner, with champagne very much taking centre stage. A selection of spirits and mixers are usually provided as well. It is important not to forget soft drinks for the junior guests and non-drinkers! Canapés are served as an accompaniment at the same time to stave off any pre-dinner hunger pangs. One good tip for guests arriving early is to make provision for a non-alcoholic punch or chilled lemonade, so that thirsts are quenched prior to the ceremony.

Wines served during the dinner are selected/chosen to complement the menu dishes. You will always have the opportunity to have a pre-tasting.

For the Wedding Cake Toast & Speeches, it is traditional to have flutes of champagne, or, for something a touch more dramatic, a fontaine de champagne (a champagne fountain). For a true Mediterranean flavour, you can always request a dash of Lavender Liqueur, Crème de Cassis or Crème de Pêche in your glass. (Chartreuse is very good too – “A Monk’s Fizz”!)

After dinner, when the dancing gets underway, it is recommended to have a second “Open Bar”, with a more limited selection of drinks – generally wines, beer, soft drinks, and of course, a little more champagne!

Here’s to the Bride & Groom!

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes now come in many different shapes, colours, sizes and more unusal flavours …. even cheese!

The traditional 3/4 or even 5 tier wedding cake, separated by pillars, has almost disappeared.

Elegantly classic cakes are now much more in vogue, often with the layers positioned directly one on top of the other, covered with a satin smooth icing, and then decorated with sugar flowers, or delicately hand painted with a stunning design. One client last year had a cake hand painted with peacocks in absolutely stunning colours. The interior cake can be flavoured with vanilla, chocolate, rum, etc., or even a traditional English fruit cake.

Miniature wedding cakes are very much in vogue, so that each guest has their en individual cake to est at the celebration ….. or to take away as a moment of the day. The tiny cakes are usually in small transparent bow boxes, or in the form of cup cakes. They are often arranged in a cluster arrangement around a medium size classic cake so that there is something for the bridal couple to cut at the toast. This makes a very impressive presentation and is perfect for photographs.

I think that many 2021 brides will be choosing a Cheese Wedding Cake. and it will certainly be a very popular choice particularly with the bridegroom and male guests. You can opt for as many different varieties of whole cheese as you like. The secret is to select as many sizes, textures and flavours as possible. The idea is to start with the largest cheese in diameter as the base, and to then build up in layers, with each cheese layer getting smaller in diameter. You can go wild with the decorations - tiny fresh figs, small clusters of grapes, small swaps of fresh herbs … or even fresh flowers. The finished result is magic! Served after the dinner dessert, the bride and groom make the first cut into the Cheese Wedding Cake, and it is then served to guests with biscuits and artisanal breads.